Welcome inside the mind of Jonah Sanders. Who is Jonah
Sanders? He is the founder of The Jonah Sanders Foundation, The Urban Law
School, Jonah Sanders Clothing & Apparel, and Black Genius Academy. An
author, educator, artist, and serial entrepreneur…come take a dive into his

So...who are you?

The Jonah Sanders Foundation flim and music banner
The Who is a forum in which people may discuss varied topics ad well as present their own brands by selling directly to consumer.

Jonah Sanders Gaming

The Jonah Sanders Foundation Games banner
Jonah Sanders Gaming is a collection of games made by said person, myself.

Black Genius Academy

Black Genius Academy.jpg
Black Genius Academy is a free digital educational project created by Jonah Sanders to focus on black and brown youth from kindergarten to 8th grade

The Urban Law School

urban law school
The Urban Law School is a creation of Jonah Sanders which focuses on teaching the people law from civil to criminal.

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